Accept cashless tips by QR code

The Air Tips platform allows the guest to conveniently leave feedback and return the staff kindness with a bank card or Apple and Google pay

To whom is our service

Waiters, bartenders

Delivery service

Hotels, beauty

Food courts

Step 1/4

How it works?

The recipient is registered in the service

Step 2/4

How it works?

The client scans the QR or clicks on the link

Step 3/4

How it works?

The client enters the amount and confirms the payment

Step 4/4

How it works?

The money is instantly credited to the card


Connection and use of the service is free of charge

Commission for tip recipients is 5%

Get strated right now

Why our service is convenient and fast

Momentary withdrawal

The system is fully automated, no need to wait

Printed materials

Download and send ready–made layouts for printing

Payment security

All payments are protected and come through “bank name”

Transparency, control

All receipts are immediately visible: when and how many tips were left to you

Well, shall we get started?

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Our contacts


Actual address

OFFICE 9, Level 1, Zone D, Gate Avenue, DIFC, Dubai, UAE. PO BOX 506941

Legal address

Unit GV-00-10-07-OF-02, Level 7, Gate Village Building 10, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

P.O Box No.


Contact number

+971 543453720

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